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Exposure to welding light is dangerous !

The major risks of unprotected exposure to welding light are: actinic conjunctivitis, cataract and burnt skin. The welder protects himself with a welding mask and protective clothing. However, bystanders are exposed to the same risks. The protection of bystanders in the vicinity of the welding area therefore is very important.

Safety measures in welding areas are compulsory by law. Welding curtains should comply with the European EN-1598 standard which establishes the requirements regarding welding light filtration, self-extinction (flame resistance), UV stability and warning signs.


CEPRO® welding curtains and welding strips protect bystanders against harmful welding light.

All CEPRO products have been approved according to the European EN-1598 standard and are regularly retested and re-certified. Therefore you are always assured of obtaining a safe product.

CEPRO products offer protection. They prevent actinic conjunctivitis, cataract, burnt skin, create a safe environment for bystanders and considerably reduce medical costs.